jeffpicsmallJeffrey J. Pargament

Jeffrey J. Pargament is a partner with Pargament & Hallowell, PLLC. Mr. Pargament has represented national and local clients on matters covering the spectrum of labor and employment law, including employment discrimination issues, wage and hour claims, union management relations, employee handbooks and policy manuals, harassment issues, workers’ compensation…(Read More)

andypicsmallAndrew P. Hallowell

Andrew P. Hallowell is a partner with the law firm of Pargament and Hallowell, PLLC. Mr. Hallowell’sprimary practice areas are government contracting, corporate and business law, and trade association law. Within these areas, he represents clients on a broad range of issues, including bid protests, contract claims, FAR compliance, small business…(Read More)

frankpicsmallFrank C. Gulin

Frank C. Gulin is a partner with Pargament & Hallowell, PLLC. He has practiced employment law counseling and litigation since 1992. Mr. Gulin counsels clients in all areas of employment law, including employment discrimination, family and medical leave issues, wage and hour issues, employee benefits, employee handbooks and policies and wrongful termination. Mr. Gulin also…(Read More)

Edward Noonan

Of Counsel

Ed Noonan has practiced labor law exclusively for over 40 years. Ed spent the first 9 years of his career at the National Labor Relations Board, first as counsel to a Board Member and then as a field attorney in its Region 5. Ed left the Board to join the firm of Eckert Seamans, LLC where he practiced labor law exclusively on behalf of management for over 35 years …(Read More)


Hope Saunders

Hope Saunders

Hope Saunders is the Office Administrator of Pargament & Hallowell, PLLC.